A partner to transform your business

We can help you strategise, shape and deliver transformation. With design processes at our core, we’re able to deliver results fast and help your business change accordingly. We have substantial experience in exploring and creating new, tangible products, strategies and services for clients in the telco, pharma, finance, and urban mobility industries, but we're always open to exploring new possibilities. See below for a selection of our work and feel free to reach out to learn more.


Revolutionary vehicle design

A growing urban population coupled with necessary concern for planetary well-being and resource scarcity is impacting the future of mobility. Consumers want to live an unrestricted yet sustainable life. The automotive industry is changing with revenues shifting towards Mobility-as-a-Service as new sharing and micro-mobility services emerge to compete with traditional ownership models and vehicle typologies. Finding a unique position in this mobility landscape of the future requires something special.


Improving your journey

Every day, thousands of commuters across Europe use the BroBizz payment service to pay bridge or road tolls, to board ferries, or to park at airports. To ensure a seamless experience for their customers, BroBizz tasked us to create a companion app that easily could answer any questions the customers might have


User-driven telecommunications

Telcos need to provide services that make sense for every individual user. Each user has vastly different needs and usage patterns, and they're evolving constantly. So, who better to help design the future of telecommunications than the user? We made this possible for Telia.


A beacon for the fine arts

The unique architectural landmark in the Danish capital of Copenhagen is designed by the French architect, Jean Nouvel, and it is home to the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. With this in mind, our work in designing the digital experience reflects the identity of the institution at every level.


Five principles that define the ideal commute

Global population growth and a future defined by the climate crisis require that we design mobility solutions for the world that comes. Based on input from 100 mobility experts and thought leaders we designed five principles that help us approach the ideal commute.


Bringing aviation down to earth

In the future, we need sustainable alternatives to air travel. Alternatives that will keep the continents connected while keeping emissions down. One solution could be our AeroSlider concept, which was featured in Fast Company.

The AeroSlider is an exploration of a terrestrial high-speed yet rail-less passenger system that connects the most populous cities on the European, African and Asian continents.

Clients we made transformational work for in the past few years

Lloyds Bank. Ikea. Audi. AKG. Adeo. Brussels Airlines. Telenor. Vestas. Lego. TV 2. Telefónica. Panasonic. Nordea. Novo Nordisk. Samsung. Jabra.

Meet a Manyone

Lewis from our Rotterdam office is an Interaction Designer and Strategist rethinking systems, experiences, and the environments we live and work within.
When out of office, you'll find him cruising on his bike around the river-front or in the Muay Thai gym kicking pads.