Gamifying quantum physics

Using the newest augmented reality technology the Quantum Kate AR interactive puzzle game teaches kids about quantum physics in a playful and innovative way.

Meet Quantum Kate

She is a YouTube blogger and a quantum physics genius. She explains subjects such as quantum chromodynamics while adding a few clothing dilemmas to the conversation. And she does this in 12 different languages.

Quantum Kate stars on an award-winning website and an AR app that teaches young audiences quantum physics in a fun way at eye-level.

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The game is an extension of a virtual universe that was already successful in stimulating interest in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Using the newest augmented reality technology, the interactive puzzle game with Quantum Kate teaches kids about quantum physics.

As the world evolves and the divide between digital and physical blurs, we’ve seen how smartphones and tablets have increasingly become a part of everyday life. This has also happened in the classrooms, and the challenge today is to ensure that the digital presence in an educational setting delivers actual and meaningful value. In a world of short attention spans the products that stick need not only to be high-quality experiences, they also need to be relatable. And Quantum Kate is relatable. But she is also more than that. With augmented reality, we’ve also added physical exercise to the educative experience. Keeping the body active adds mental clarity, and this is especially useful when learning about a subject such as quantum physics.