An even keeled and future-facing digital experience

VARD is Norway's leading designer and builder of specialised seafaring vessels. To secure their position as a market leader and continue their upward trajectory even further, we worked with them on creating a refreshed and future-proof digital experience.

The digital experience included new tools for sales and marketing, which were tailored specifically to enrich VARD’s communicated ambitions for the near future:

We envision the new corporate website to be the hub for VARD information to reach our stakeholders, the main page for digital marketing and social media, an effective tool to support our sales teams by generating leads and building the VARD brand and as a tool to recruit valuable talent.
VARD Group

The design system delivered gives VARD a strong and clear visual identity, which will underpin their business for years to come. Based on their already existing visual identity the refreshed experience expanded their visual profile, and delivered a structured and digitalised process that is easy to use. A significant part of this was also training in the use of the new digital tools, and migration of existing content. This happened in close collaboration with strategy owners and content creators from VARD and Solvr, a specialised developer agency. This enabled us to create a seamless and future-proof workflow, and a CMS system tailored specifically to VARD’s present and future needs.