Gutkind: A force of literature

Launching a publishing house is no mean feat. Launching one as ambitious as Gutkind requires something special.

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In a market dominated by publishing houses with near centuries of experience, how do you announce yourself as a serious player? Probably in the way Gutkind has done. With a literary profile catering to both the über-literate and the bestsellers audience, they’ve firmly made an entry.

Recognising Gutkind’s ambition, authors and spirit, we were happy to help translate this intangible sensation into an elegant yet bold identity.

Set apart, the 26 letters of the alphabet are merely building blocks. But when combined into words and sentences they can shape artistic expression. It is the nature of writing itself: The combination of simple symbols that form the abstraction that we term the written language, which in its most artful form we call literature. And that was our guiding principle when creating the visual identity and logo for Gutkind – a provocatively simple geometric logo celebrating the nature of literature an entry.