The perfect device to bring you closer to a state of calm

The Reflect Orb is an industry-defining peace-of-mind device that elegantly bridges focused mental approaches with smart technology. The comfortable and tactile device can be carried anywhere and used everywhere.

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The Reflect Orb, designed by Manyone’s office in Tel Aviv, brings biofeedback into your comfort zone. Using elegantly placed sensors, the orb measures and analyses a body’s physiological signals and provides continuous visual indication of the user’s mental state. The Reflect Orb has a glowing light ring that changes colour in response to the user’s stress levels, the calmer the user is, the closer to transparent the light ring will appear.

Biofeedback is a scientifically proven method used to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A physiological signal such as skin conductance can be measured and the Reflect Orb is designed for this. It measures “sweaty palms”, scientifically known as EDA (Electro-Dermal Activity), and this measurement can show users how stressed they are – in Reflect’s case using changing light colors.

The users can track their improvements and personal progress, augmenting the experience with data and insights.

Being one of the first products of its category, Reflect Orb sets new standards for usability, perception, and the relationship between the product and the consumer.

Reflect will launch in North America in 2022.