The Aeroslider: Redefining long-distance travel

What does the future of high-speed intercontinental transport look like? In a future with sustainability built into everything, we should look towards alternatives that are efficient, green and comfortable.

Our solution is the Aeroslider concept for future transportation. A high-speed terrestrial yet rail-less passenger system connecting the most populous cities on the European, African and Asian continents. With an expected cruising speed at 800 km/h, the concept is designed to be a futuristic intercontinental travel solution.

The single-track system is designed to reduce construction costs and integrate with existing infrastructure in urban areas. Additionally, it puts a minimal strain on any environment with the loops allowing unobtrusive passage above irregular terrain, rivers and animal crossings.

Magnetic Propulsion

The Aeroslider is equipped with linear magnets that propel it through a connected system of electromagnetic portals. Portal loops can be powered by localized energy sources. The incorporation of helium reservoirs within the capsule reduces the effective weight by about 10%, reducing the energy necessary for its propulsion.

The system is designed for comfortable long-distance travel by combining sitting spaces with private cabins; incorporating a running track, open plaza area, restaurant, bars, gyms and multi-purpose rooms which can accommodate meetings and work when commuting.

Read the feature about the Aeroslider in Fast Company.

Of course, it’s easy to get excited about a technology that doesn’t actually exist. But I’d argue, it’s also okay. We need a world that’s inspired by sustainability, and Manyone has certainly created an object of inspiration.
Mark Wilson Senior Writer at Fast company.