Introducing an industry-defining medical skin scanner

The groundbreaking handheld 3D scanner – designed and user-tested for Cherry Imaging – is the very first device in the world that precisely measures aesthetic medical treatments before delivering objective patient data before and after treatments.

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Cherry Imaging was founded upon decades of experience in aesthetic medicine. Their Cherry Imaging platform combines the 3D scanner with proprietary Trace™ software to track treatment progress over time to create the best possible foundation for further treatment choices.

The innovative, handheld scanner captures thousands of three-dimensional images of the face and body from multiple field views and angles. A scan captures skin texture with pinpoint accuracy revealing the finest subtleties in and changes in volume.

The captured images are scanned using proprietary algorithms that provide 100-micron accuracy level data of the body and face. Doctors and their patients can use this data for real-time evaluation of treatment results traceable over time.

We partnered with Cherry imaging to create their handheld 3D scanner in a process of exploring and redefining usability conventions to simplify and enhance the end-to-end 3D scanning process.