Hello, it's 10:42 am in Aarhus

Aarhus is years, double letters instead of Ås, sometimes translated to progress, rainbow panoramas, Royal Beer, it's Moesgaard and it is also, of course, Manyone.

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Denmark’s second city only by size, Aarhus is easily one of northern Europe’s most livable cities. Flush with students, gourmet restaurants, arts, culture and a stunning harbourfront, the city leaves little to be desired for the modern urbanite. Founded by the Vikings centuries ago – and initially named Aros, which is now the name of the city’s iconic art museum – the modern city casually merges culture, design with the hustle and bustle of a busy city. The city is raking up international accolades, such as being named a European Capital of Culture and also a European Region of Gastronomy. You couldn’t ask for more, but Aarhus has it.

Down by the canal, packed with riverside cafes, next to the city’s main shopping street and within walking distance from the historic cathedral, there's a modernist styled office complex and inside, you’ll find Manyone.

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  • Thomas Dolberg

    Global Partner, Head of Hybrid Strategy

    Helps clients create compelling business concepts and models with a focus on strategizing and process facilitation. Led projects for Vestas, Arla, Telenor and Solar.

    thomas.dolberg@manyone.com+45 42725911
    Placeholder for loadingThomas Dolberg
  • Hans-Henrik Sørensen

    Global Partner, Head of Manyone AAR

    Digital, product and tech savvy design executive, engaged in account direction and solutions management. Led projects for NTT, AUDI, 1MORE, Danske Bank.

    hans-henrik.sorensen@manyone.com+45 26722215
    Placeholder for loadingHans-Henrik Sørensen
  • Lasse Jensby Dahl

    Co-CEO, Founder

    Advises clients in business transformation and strategy while heading up Manyone. Lasse has led strategy and transformation programs for some of the largest companies in the world.

    lasse.dahl@manyone.com+45 26722986
    Placeholder for loadingLasse Jensby Dahl

We are Manyone Aarhus

  • Anders Fredsø

    Anders Fredsø

    Senior Design Manager

  • Anders Nørbæk Rasmussen

    Anders Nørbæk Rasmussen

    Lead Brand Designer

  • Esben Rose

    Esben Rose

    Senior Digital Designer

  • Hans-Henrik Sørensen

    Hans-Henrik Sørensen

    Global Partner, Head of Manyone AAR

  • Ida Sofie Møller

    Ida Sofie Møller

    Design Manager

  • Jacob Rue Møller

    Jacob Rue Møller

    UX & Digital Strategist

  • Julie Renee Jensen

    Julie Renee Jensen

    Brand Designer

  • Kristina Christensen

    Kristina Christensen

    Senior Digital Designer

  • Kristoffer Aarsleff

    Kristoffer Aarsleff

    Strategic Design Director

  • Lasse Jensby Dahl

    Lasse Jensby Dahl


  • Line Skov Grønbjerg Christensen

    Line Skov Grønbjerg Christensen

    UX Designer

  • Mads Kunø

    Mads Kunø

    Senior Digital Strategist

  • Martin Fabricius Rasmussen

    Martin Fabricius Rasmussen

    Lead Digital Designer

  • Michael Sylva

    Michael Sylva

    Group CFO

  • Nicoline Nissen

    Nicoline Nissen

    Design Strategist

  • Phil Hall

    Phil Hall

    Content Director

  • Sofie Simone Overgaard

    Sofie Simone Overgaard

    UX & Service Designer

  • Stine Rathcke Vestergård

    Stine Rathcke Vestergård

    Design Manager

  • Thomas Dolberg

    Thomas Dolberg

    Global Partner, Head of Hybrid Strategy