Hello, it's 05:42 am in São Paulo

São Paulo is Avenida Paulista, Masp, Ibirapuera, 25 de Março street, Pinacoteca, Carnival, and a blend of Brazilians cracking a cold beer on the rooftop. It is also, of course, Manyone.

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Our São Paulo office connects business and creatives with a vibe that reflects how we do our work and live together. From our extensive maker space, where we get things done, to our amazing rooftop with a stunning view of the city, it is the innovative place where you want to be.

We designed it to be a place with open doors to the creative community, where we can host innovative work processes between them and other companies.

Located close to downtown in Pompeia, a neighbourhood with complete access to culture and gastronomy, our workplace exists as an innovation hub with a diverse schedule of events that bring us closer to startups, creatives, partners and clients.

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  • Levi Girardi

    CEO, Manyone SAO

    Levi is a celebrated product designer in Brazil and leads business development, office management and partnerships at Questtono. He has been a juror for many awards and has won more than 170 international awards, including iF Design and MCB throughout this career.

    levi.girardi@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingLevi Girardi
  • Leo Massarelli

    CCO, Manyone SAO

    A self described generalist, Leo is always finding connections between information, trends and technology to build strategic guidelines and innovative solutions for our clients. He has received several international awards including the Red Dot and the iF Design Award and has been on the jury for numerous awards including the Cannes Lions.

    leonardo.massarelli@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingLeo Massarelli
  • Barão Di Sarno

    Co-Founder, Manyone SAO

    Designer, musician, artisan and writer, Barao leads our experimental projects and initiatives. He seeks ways to connect Manyone SAO to society and challenge preconceptions to find solutions for contemporary problems.

    barao.disarno@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingBarão Di Sarno
  • Gustavo Rosa Silva

    Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Manyone SAO

    Gus is responsible for research and behaviours studies. With a degree in business and a Master of Strategic Design, Gus leads our strategic approach to solving complex challenges and uncovering perceptions of value.

    gustavo.rosa@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingGustavo Rosa Silva

We are Manyone São Paulo

  • Adriana Soldera

    Adriana Soldera

    Head of Sales, Brazil

  • Aileen Sacrini

    Aileen Sacrini

    Researcher / Strategist

  • Alina Samezima

    Alina Samezima

    CX Designer

  • Ana Beatriz Rosa

    Ana Beatriz Rosa

    Communications, Brazil

  • André Levorato

    André Levorato

    Industrial Designer

  • Barão Di Sarno

    Barão Di Sarno

    Co-Founder, Manyone SAO

  • Cadu Sheliga

    Cadu Sheliga


  • Carlota Braga

    Carlota Braga

    Head of Communications

  • Claudia Fajkarz

    Claudia Fajkarz

    Head of Sales / Technology

  • Danielle Tubino

    Danielle Tubino

    Project Manager

  • Gabriela Leopoldo

    Gabriela Leopoldo

    UX Designer

  • Gustavo Rosa

    Gustavo Rosa

    Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Manyone SAO

  • José Alves Lopes

    José Alves Lopes

    Industrial Designer

  • João Frescurato

    João Frescurato

    Technology Specialist

  • João Millan

    João Millan

    Technology Specialist

  • Julia Nogueira

    Julia Nogueira

    Head of Culture and Operations

  • Juliana Xavier

    Juliana Xavier

    Strategist / Researcher

  • Kenji Tataki

    Kenji Tataki

    Researcher / Strategist

  • Leonardo Massarelli

    Leonardo Massarelli

    CCO, Manyone SAO

  • Levi Girardi

    Levi Girardi

    CEO, Manyone SAO

  • Livia Germano

    Livia Germano

    Strategist / Researcher

  • Lucas Alves

    Lucas Alves

    Communications, Brazil

  • Lucia Fanelli

    Lucia Fanelli

    People & Admin Assistant

  • Luiza Rudge

    Luiza Rudge

    Research Strategy Director, Brazil

  • Marcia Botelho

    Marcia Botelho

    Director of People & Admin

  • Maria Campos

    Maria Campos

    People & Admin Assistant

  • Maria Julia Brito

    Maria Julia Brito

    Visual Designer

  • Mariana Falcão

    Mariana Falcão

    Strategist / Researcher

  • Mariana Gastal

    Mariana Gastal

    Strategist / Researcher

  • Mario Fioretti

    Mario Fioretti

    Director / Special Projects

  • Marisa Borges

    Marisa Borges

    Facilities & Services Assistant

  • Merilisa Dutra

    Merilisa Dutra

    People & Admin Assistant

  • Nagib Nassif Filho

    Nagib Nassif Filho

    Chief Technology Officer, Manyone Americas

  • Nicole Alfieri

    Nicole Alfieri

    Strategist / Researcher

  • Nicole Rauen

    Nicole Rauen

    Visual Designer

  • Renan Queiroz

    Renan Queiroz

    Project Manager

  • Rodrigo Santos

    Rodrigo Santos

    Visual Designer

  • Rosineide Oliveira

    Rosineide Oliveira

    Facilities & Services Assistant

  • Sabrina Cano

    Sabrina Cano

    Project Manager

  • Susana Liu

    Susana Liu

    Head of Project Management, Brazil

  • Thiago Thomé

    Thiago Thomé

    Head of Visual Design

  • Vallery do Nascimento

    Vallery do Nascimento

    UX Designer

  • Walmor de Paula

    Walmor de Paula

    Head of Industrial Design

  • Wesley Apolinário

    Wesley Apolinário

    Lead Digital Product Designer