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New York is the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Chinatown, bodegas and the subway. It’s the Mets or the Yankees, but never both. It’s Russ & Daughters, Dr. Zizmor, and shoulder checking tourists as you inhale a slice of pizza on the street. It’s the urban jungle where dreams are made and, of course, Manyone.

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Our New York office operates inside one of the most exciting innovation hubs in the US: the New Lab. Located in Brooklyn, it is a community of cutting-edge companies and startups that work across a range of disciplines, from robotics to biotech.

With resources such as woodshops, 3D printers, and more, we leverage this office to host global workshops and prototype concepts for our clients at a record pace.

Fostering a strong belief in collaboration, members are encouraged to work together and share knowledge and find solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Our private workplace is dedicated to developing projects for our clients. We like to get our hands dirty and build prototypes, storyboarding experiences, and use lots of sticky notes. In a building full of innovative people, we find inspiration all around us.

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  • Manu Perez

    Head of Business Development, Manyone NYC

    Passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and working to drive organizational growth. She is a fellow from Georgetown University in Global Competitiveness Leadership and has a degree in Economics from Insper. She has over 10 years of experience working with startups around the world.

    manuela.perez@manyone.com+1 718 490 6348
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  • Silas Warren

    Partner, Creative Director, Manyone NYC

    Silas is the director of our NY studio. Connecting the creative intimacy of São Paulo with the technology and design hub NY offers, he applies a unique skill set and passion to a wide range of corporations and startups.

    silas.warren@manyone.com+1 718 490 6348
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We are Manyone New York

  • Danilo Makio Saito

    Danilo Makio Saito

    Head of Experience Design, Manyone NYC

  • Hannah Lueptow

    Hannah Lueptow

    Head of Research and Strategy, Manyone NYC

  • Manuela Perez

    Manuela Perez

    Head of Business Development, Manyone NYC

  • Silas Warren

    Silas Warren

    Partner, Creative Director, Manyone NYC