From the loudest voice to the tiniest of whispers – making sense of the future in sound

Working with Insoundz, a cutting-edge audio business, we created the mechanical design for the AudioSense – an elegant smart mic array delivering unrivalled recording and audio experiences in one combined solution.

Insoundz is raising the bar of the audio production industry. Their breakthrough technology automatically captures and separates sound in real-time – it understands sound, allowing everyone, everything and everywhere to be captured.

The AudioSense is a multi-microphone sensor platform also capable of recording as a stereoscopic camera. The combination of depth and audio allows the AudioSense to absorb and process the totality of sound in any space in a recording. The combination of this unique equipment and technology enables users to highlight or mute any sounds – be that in a video conference, live-streamed event or something else.

The AudioSense smart mic array is designed unobtrusively to blend into any environment or room.