Shaping everything that's next

We are Manyone. The hybrid strategic design consultancy combining the best in creative thinking, strategy, and technology.

Our approach

Manyone helps organisations envision, design, structure, and execute strategy in the mid- and long term.

We do so through a way of working that we call Strategy led by execution where we focus on consistently learning and validating design decisions together with internal and external stakeholders. In short, clearly defined sprints allowing strategic change at speed.

Manyone is an international team of teams and experienced strategy and design executives who merge a global mindset with Nordic design roots. From our 8 offices in 7 countries, we help businesses develop sustainable value into tomorrow and beyond.

Our services

  • ABS
    Adaptive Business Strategy
  • ED
    Experience Design
  • DD
    Digital Design
  • UXD
    User Experience Design
  • CT
    Creative Technology
  • ID
    Industrial Design
  • SB
    Strategic Branding
  • EBD
    Experimental Business Design
  • SD
    Service Design
  • VD
    Visual Design
  • RI
    Research & Insights
  • CX
    Customer Experience
  • PD
    Product Development
  • CB
    Capability Building
  • RP
    Rapid Prototyping

Setup for business in the heart of Europe

Ready to take on challenges in one of Europe's economic powerhouses, we’ve now set up a new office in Frankfurt. Today, speed and scalability are decisive factors for businesses. As consumer and user values change, and ecosystems overlap, businesses need to be prepared to adapt - and to do that fast. What worked yesterday and today, might not work tomorrow. And for this, they need new strategies, led by fast-paced execution.

As we are already working on local German projects and programs, we're now expanding our new team of the best talents in strategy, design, and innovation to make that happen from Frankfurt. Several new positions are open for applicants, so join our growing team of international Manyones in the heart of Germany, and work for major international clients from telco to aviation, finance, and beyond.


Revolutionary design – awarded German Gold

In February this year, our electric vehicle design for Biomega won Gold for Exceptional Product Design in Conceptional Transportation at the 2020 German Design Awards. From vision to functional concept design the Biomega EV has been carefully designed to meet the changing mobility demands of tomorrow.

For the past few months, we’ve been developing the design and solution even further by tailoring it for the demands of a generation of consumers who want to live an unrestricted yet sustainable life. Iconically designed, ready-made for the Mobility-as-a-Service market and thus, a sound business opportunity.


User-driven telecommunications

Customer expectations to the modern telcos are growing. They expect their service providers to deliver a growing number of services and experience.

To stay ahead, Telia wanted us to help them tailor their digital services and interface, so they made sense for every individual user. With each user having vastly different needs and usage patterns, and with these constantly evolving, we suggested something different: To involve the users in designing what they need.


Bringing aviation down to earth

In the future, we need sustainable alternatives to air travel. Alternatives that will keep the continents connected while keeping emissions down. One solution could be our AeroSlider concept, which was featured in Fast Company.

The AeroSlider is an exploration of a terrestrial high-speed yet rail-less passenger system that connects the most populous cities on the European, African and Asian continents.


Tervetuloa Manyone Helsinki

Manyone expands with an office in Helsinki.

Finland is synonymous with innovation in digital technology. As the demand for connected products and services grows, we're looking to stay ahead by adding the brightest minds to our office in Helsinki. So, please meet Jani Laitasalo Kekkonen, Managing Director for Manyone Finland. Jani is an experienced digital strategist and executive with a track record of delivering measurable results for clients

Before we were Manyone, we helped transform these businesses:

Ikea. Audi. Samsung. Schneider Electric. Danske Bank. Brussels Airlines. Jabra. Puma. Nordea. DR. Lego. Vestas. Panasonic. Volkswagen. AKG. T-Mobile. Sonofon. Ørsted. Nets. Telia. LG. TV 2. Biomega. Novo Nordisk.