A giant leap in neural recovery

The path to neurological recovery could take a giant leap forward with BrainQ's revolutionary technology. By combining machine learning and data optimisation with a whole-brain magnetic field generator, the aim is to give patients unparalleled neural recovery treatment. Manyone assisted with mechanical and experience design of the device.

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Transforming treatment

For decades, the standard recovery method for patients suffering from neural damage, such as a stroke, has been repetitive physiotherapy targeting the retraining of a patient’s motoric functions. The treatment can take years, and improvements are usually only incremental. BrainQ’s technology and device have the potential to change that, and redefine neuro recovery treatment.

How it works

With BrainQ’s device, a patient can receive treatment by wearing the device for an hour each day. The device projects low-frequency and low-intensity electromagnetic fields on a patient to stimulate neurological recovery in the central nervous system. By using artificial intelligence, the device can tailor the frequency of the electromagnetic impulses to stimulate the recovery to a specific patient's specific needs. The AI will do this by suggesting the most optimal frequency to use based on data collected from both healthy and non-healthy individuals’ brainwaves. That data is based on countless hours of observation, providing detailed knowledge of a person's natural spectral characteristics, and it is from this data that the technology derives its unique therapeutic insights. Insights that are transformed by BrainQ’s technology to target a patient's impaired neural networks. Once the device and technology are ready for market, recovery of those neural networks can be stimulated by wearing the device.

A medical device for a consumer environment

The device's simplicity of use is combined with smart material selection allowing a cutting-edge production method to keep costs of manufacture relatively low. The product itself is a beautiful and comfortable “wearable” platform, allowing non-invasive use. Its relatively small size, compared to that of a large MRI scanner, will allow personal treatment at locations outside the hospital.