A green vision backed by digital power

For EWII, a leading Danish multipurpose utility company, we’ve partnered to collaborate on a strategic digital transformation of their business. Working closely with EWII’s team and the technical partner Immeo, we’re on a journey to create a seamless digital experience amplified by a state of the art customer experience.

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Among EWII’s activities are renewable power production, district heating, drinking water infrastructure and a fibre network, which they provide in Denmark. With an ambition to play an active part in enabling a 100 % greenhouse gas-free service in all of Denmark by 2025, EWII is focusing heavily on transforming their business through investments in infrastructure, digitalisation and by providing a customer experience that clearly communicates their ambition to existing and new customers. A core part of the cutting edge customer experience is a seamless ecosystem, that easily welcomes and engages customers to make better choices for themselves and the environment. Additionally, it is made simpler for existing customers to develop their current relationship with EWII and to choose new services within the ecosystem. The onboarding experience for new customers has also been developed efficiently to support an overall better experience.

Part of the transformational work is a fresh CVI for EWII. The different colour hues represent a brand that is actively curious, trustworthy and present. Supporting a range of both warm and cold tones, the colours flexibly amplify a friendly and living digital experience. Intermixing with animations, typography and illustrations the overall impression supports presenting a website that is inviting, accessible and clearly communicated.

During the project, Manyone and technology partner Immeo have worked closely with the EWII team to define the strategy to reach their ambition, and rapidly iterate and implement solutions that support their vision.

In the first phase of the collaboration, this has resulted in a digital ecosystem that supports:

  • A new content strategy with multichannel flexibility

  • A multi-purpose web estate supporting open web accessibility and self-service

  • A smart indexing system in the it-architecture allowing editors to easily highlight relevant content

  • A clearly defined taxonomy allowing internal flexibility to deliver a personalised customer experience.