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Manyone is led by experienced strategy and design executives, all with proven track records of helping businesses develop sustainable value. Feel free to reach out to any one of us.

Our partners

  • Annelise Vedel Møller

    Global Partner

    Experienced client service director helping companies create and execute digital strategies and new business models. Worked with clients like Copenhagen Airport, Grundfos, Telia, Nets and OKQ8 Scandinavia.

    annelise.vedel@manyone.com+45 3164 0119
    Placeholder for loadingAnnelise Vedel Møller
  • Thomas Dolberg

    Global Partner, Head of Hybrid Strategy

    Helps clients create compelling business concepts and models with a focus on strategizing and process facilitation. Led projects for Vestas, Arla, Telenor and Solar.

    thomas.dolberg@manyone.com+45 42725911
    Placeholder for loadingThomas Dolberg
  • Michelle Cole

    Partner, Co-Head of Manyone OSL

    Senior client director with solid experience from collaborating with major Norwegian and international brands. A strong commercial mind with a warm heart; balancing budgets and deadlines while taking care of talent and people. She has worked with clients such as SATS, Entur, NHO, Finans2, VARD and Red Cross.

    michelle.cole@manyone.com+47 908 58 975
    Placeholder for loadingMichelle Cole
  • Guido Woska

    Executive Partner, Head of Commercials

    20+ years of experience working at the intersection of strategy, design and technology to deliver sustainable experiences that translate into business impact. Worked with clients such as Lufthansa, SAS, NTT Data, DHL, Sony, Emirates, Allianz and the EU.

    guido.woska@manyone.com+49 1577 4437442
    Placeholder for loadingGuido Woska
  • Katarina Ivarsson

    Partner, Head of Manyone Asia

    Prolific, award-winning business leader and designer. Founder of Boris Design Studio in Hong Kong. Clients include IKEA, Kerry Logistics, Ericsson and Samsung.

    katarina.ivarsson@manyone.com+852 98451992
    Placeholder for loadingKatarina Ivarsson
  • Levi Girardi

    CEO, Manyone SAO

    Levi is a celebrated product designer in Brazil and leads business development, office management and partnerships at Questtono. He has been a juror for many awards and has won more than 170 international awards, including iF Design and MCB throughout this career.

    levi.girardi@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingLevi Girardi
  • Sofie Holstein-Homann

    Global Partner, Head of Strategic Service Design

    Helps businesses create and move towards aspirational visions for the future with a focus on insights and experimental business design. Led projects for Lloyds Bank, NTT, Samsung, Nordea, LEGO, Telenor.

    sofie.holstein-homann@manyone.com+45 2677 3447
    Placeholder for loadingSofie Holstein-Homann
  • Omri Bar-Ze'ev

    Partner and Creative Director, Manyone TLV

    Experienced creative director helping companies create and execute physical and digital products, strategies and new business models. Worked with clients like Karcher, Amdocs, Mobileye, Nike and Stratasys.

    omri.bar-zeev@manyone.com+972 54-431-4016
    Placeholder for loadingOmri Bar-Ze'ev
  • Mads Gustafsen

    Executive Partner, Head of Business

    Helps clients devise and execute digital strategies, bringing a broad experience from management consulting and commercial management.

    mads.gustafsen@manyone.com+45 31640100
    Placeholder for loadingMads Gustafsen
  • Anna Karlsson

    Partner, Co-founder Manyone Asia

    Creative innovator with hands-on design skills delivering high-level conceptual work in physical and digital materials.

    anna.karlsson@manyone.com+46 705447092
    Placeholder for loadingAnna Karlsson
  • Jonas Smedegaard Buus

    Global Partner, Head of Hybrid Branding

    Cross-disciplinary designer and strategist leading clients from concept to launch. Led projects for Danske Bank, Volkswagen, Schneider Electric, Telenor.

    jonas.buus@manyone.com+45 2490 8336
    Placeholder for loadingJonas Smedegaard Buus
  • Silas Warren

    Partner, Creative Director, Manyone NYC

    Silas is the director of our NY studio. Connecting the creative intimacy of São Paulo with the technology and design hub NY offers, he applies a unique skill set and passion to a wide range of corporations and startups.

    silas.warren@manyone.com+1 718 490 6348
    Placeholder for loadingSilas Warren
  • Maiken H. Braarud

    Partner, Manyone OSL

    Experienced cross-disciplinary designer with a strong focus on creating innovative solutions by helping businesses merge strategy and execution. Worked with clients like FINN.no, Vipps, Møller Digital, Schibsted and Telenor.

    maiken.braarud@manyone.com+47 936 78 577
    Placeholder for loadingMaiken H. Braarud
  • Hans-Henrik Sørensen

    Global Partner, Head of Manyone AAR

    Digital, product and tech savvy design executive, engaged in account direction and solutions management. Led projects for NTT, AUDI, 1MORE, Danske Bank.

    hans-henrik.sorensen@manyone.com+45 26722215
    Placeholder for loadingHans-Henrik Sørensen
  • Guy Haviv

    Partner, Design Director, Manyone TLV

    Guy heads the experience design team in Tel Aviv. A creative technologist, strategist and brand designer combined, Guy comes with a wealth of industry experience in building brands, experiences and products.

    guy.haviv@manyone.com+972 50 8818741
    Placeholder for loadingGuy Haviv
  • Jon Haukaas

    Partner, Co-Head of Manyone OSL

    Jon is an expert brand strategist passionate about creating strategies that connect the business to people, and their needs. He leads cross-disciplinary teams through strategic transformations and cultural change programmes. He has worked with clients such as DNB, Statnett, and VARD.

    jon.haukaas@manyone.com+47 930 82 950
    Placeholder for loadingJon Haukaas
  • Gustavo Rosa Silva

    Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Manyone SAO

    Gus is responsible for research and behaviours studies. With a degree in business and a Master of Strategic Design, Gus leads our strategic approach to solving complex challenges and uncovering perceptions of value.

    gustavo.rosa@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingGustavo Rosa Silva
  • Michael Sylva

    Group CFO and Global Partner

    Michael Sylva has worked in finance and management for 20 years in companies such as PwC, Vestas and Designit. In the latter, he has held the position as Global Head of Finance and Operations for 4 years before being promoted to CFO/COO, a role which he has occupied until joining Manyone

    Placeholder for loadingMichael Sylva
  • Hannah Gutkauf

    Partner, Head of Emerging Tech

    A respected public speaker and leading digital strategist, Hannah co-leads the emerging tech unit at Manyone where she focuses on the strategic intersection between business and emerging technologies such as XR, IoT, AI and others.

    hannah.gutkauf@manyone.com+45 21 32 17 37
    Placeholder for loadingHannah Gutkauf
  • Leo Massarelli

    CCO, Manyone SAO

    A self described generalist, Leo is always finding connections between information, trends and technology to build strategic guidelines and innovative solutions for our clients. He has received several international awards including the Red Dot and the iF Design Award and has been on the jury for numerous awards including the Cannes Lions.

    leonardo.massarelli@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingLeo Massarelli
  • Jorge Hernandez

    Executive Partner, Head of Services

    Expert creative technologist with large experience advising clients on how to be first-movers and engage deeper with their users through tech.

    jorge.hernandez@manyone.com+45 60196005
    Placeholder for loadingJorge Hernandez
  • Jon Lollike

    Global Partner, Head of Delivery

    Seasoned account executive, overseeing client services, operations, commercial negotiations and project execution.

    jon.lollike@manyone.com+45 31640104
    Placeholder for loadingJon Lollike
  • Lasse Jensby Dahl

    Co-CEO, Founder

    Advises clients in business transformation and strategy while heading up Manyone. Lasse has led strategy and transformation programs for some of the largest companies in the world.

    lasse.dahl@manyone.com+45 26722986
    Placeholder for loadingLasse Jensby Dahl
  • Nanna Engberg


    UX strategist, guiding clients to solve business and organisational problems with design.

    nanna.engberg@manyone.com+45 31640106
    Placeholder for loadingNanna Engberg
  • Jens Martin Skibsted

    Global Partner, VP Foresight and Mobility

    World-renowned designer, entrepreneur and design philosopher, creating visionary design concepts within urban mobility. Member of World Economic Forum’s think tank on mobility.

    jm@manyone.com+45 28144918
    Placeholder for loadingJens Martin Skibsted
  • David Keller

    Partner, Head of Manyone TLV

    Managing and leading the Tel Aviv office. Experienced design executive and entrepreneur, driven by a passion for technology, design, and everything in between. Building products, services, experiences and teams in EMEA for over 10 years.

    david.keller@manyone.com+972 50-669-6540
    Placeholder for loadingDavid Keller
  • Barão Di Sarno

    Co-Founder, Manyone SAO

    Designer, musician, artisan and writer, Barao leads our experimental projects and initiatives. He seeks ways to connect Manyone SAO to society and challenge preconceptions to find solutions for contemporary problems.

    barao.disarno@manyone.com+55 11 3875 5552
    Placeholder for loadingBarão Di Sarno
  • Patrik Svensson


    With 20 years of experience working in key technology lead roles, Patrik helps clients navigate technology ecosystems while making sure internal processes and tool chains are up to date.

    patrik.svensson@manyone.com+45 29800095
    Placeholder for loadingPatrik Svensson
  • Anders P. Hellberg

    Partner, Manyone Asia

    Head of Singapore office. Experienced design executive driven by curiosity and a genuine passion for people, and their relation to objects and services. Building products, services, experiences and teams in Asia and Europe for over two decades.

    anders.hellberg@manyone.com+852 92203635
    Placeholder for loadingAnders P. Hellberg
  • Silja Nyhus

    Partner, Manyone OSL

    Respected service and business designer with a heart for co-creation, facilitation, and leading creative processes in complex organisations. Worked with clients like the Norwegian Tax Authority, Nye Veier and OBOS.

    silja.nyhus@manyone.com+47 915 22 317
    Placeholder for loadingSilja Nyhus
  • Toke Grøfte


    Strategic UX designer, guiding clients from inception to launch. Worked with Telia, Radisson Blu, Q8, Saxo Bank and YouSee.

    toke.grofte@manyone.com+45 26149019
    Placeholder for loadingToke Grøfte
  • Etay Amir

    Partner, Manyone TLV

    Surfer, skater and design technologist, Etay leads complex projects and manufacturing challenges. He looks for ways to put Manyone on the front foot in regards to production technologies and emerging manufacturing methods.

    etay.amir@manyone.com+972 54-812-3080
    Placeholder for loadingEtay Amir
  • Jaan Orvet

    Partner Manyone Asia

    Human-centred design strategist solving real-world problems and building better services, spaces and creative teams. Translates societal shifts and movements into actionable insights. He has worked with clients such as M by Volvo Car Mobility, YLE and BMW.

    jaan.orvet@manyone.com+46 709721873
    Placeholder for loadingJaan Orvet
  • Klaus Silberbauer

    Global Partner, Head of Digital Transformation

    Experienced creative. Manager and strategic UX designer, guiding clients within concept development and digital strategy.

    klaus.silberbauer@manyone.com+45 31640101
    Placeholder for loadingKlaus Silberbauer
  • Søren L. Poulsen

    Global Partner, Founder, Head of M&A

    Executive with expertise in the scaling of businesses through growth and acquisitions.

    soren.poulsen@manyone.com+45 60900209
    Placeholder for loadingSøren L. Poulsen
  • Aviv Grinboim

    Partner, VP R&D, Manyone TLV

    Seasoned mechanical engineer with endless passion to make things work and function better. Aviv heads Manyone TLV’s mechanical design and development projects and teams. He has worked in various technical fields such as robotics, sensors, and plastics injection, bringing significant experience from both the startup and corporate worlds.

    aviv.grinboim@manyone.com+972 54-447-1209
    Placeholder for loadingAviv Grinboim
  • Guillermo Callau


    Product strategist, guides projects from idea to production within the realms of mobility and industrial design. Worked with clients like Biomega, HAY, Veckia, and PSA Peugeot.

    guillermo.callau@manyone.com+45 28269600
    Placeholder for loadingGuillermo Callau
  • Morten Johnstad-Møller

    Global Partner, Interim CFO

    Digitally focused executive and strategist. Advising clients on digital strategies, creation of business cases and feasibility analyses.

    morten.johnstad@manyone.com+45 31640103
    Placeholder for loadingMorten Johnstad-Møller
  • Rasmus Møller Sørensen

    Executive Partner, Head of People and Emerging teams

    Creative strategist and culture-builder, focusing on the competencies and processes that make business ideas come true.

    rasmus.sorensen@manyone.com+45 26722211
    Placeholder for loadingRasmus Møller Sørensen
  • David Fellah

    Co-CEO, Founder

    Seasoned design executive with a focus on building organisations that deliver world class experience design and human centred business. Co-founder and former CEO of Designit.

    david.fellah@manyone.com+45 28447110
    Placeholder for loadingDavid Fellah