Hello, it's 11:42 am in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Kikar rabin, Hof gordon, and Neve zedek. It’s a beautiful coast line, non-stop nightlife and amazing food. It is Sderot Rothschild, Habima, Florentin and Basel, but mostly yalla bo neleh layam. It is also, of course, Manyone.

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Our Tel Aviv office is located in the heart of the busiest startup and tech scene on the planet. It is a microcosm of technology, makery and innovation that was built to foster co-creation processes with cutting edge startups and tech companies.

Located close to the Azrieli hub, we’ve designed our studio to be a place where product, design and technology can meet and interconnect. Our workshops as well as our large open spaces allow us to build prototypes, host usability testing sessions and bring to life groundbreaking concepts.

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  • David Keller

    Partner, Head of Manyone TLV

    Managing and leading the Tel Aviv office. Experienced design executive and entrepreneur, driven by a passion for technology, design, and everything in between. Building products, services, experiences and teams in EMEA for over 10 years.

    david.keller@manyone.com+972 50-669-6540
    Placeholder for loadingDavid Keller
  • Omri Bar-Ze'ev

    Partner and Creative Director, Manyone TLV

    Experienced creative director helping companies create and execute physical and digital products, strategies and new business models. Worked with clients like Karcher, Amdocs, Mobileye, Nike and Stratasys.

    omri.bar-zeev@manyone.com+972 54-431-4016
    Placeholder for loadingOmri Bar-Ze'ev
  • Etay Amir

    Partner, Manyone TLV

    Surfer, skater and design technologist, Etay leads complex projects and manufacturing challenges. He looks for ways to put Manyone on the front foot in regards to production technologies and emerging manufacturing methods.

    etay.amir@manyone.com+972 54-812-3080
    Placeholder for loadingEtay Amir
  • Aviv Grinboim

    Partner, VP R&D, Manyone TLV

    Seasoned mechanical engineer with endless passion to make things work and function better. Aviv heads Manyone TLV’s mechanical design and development projects and teams. He has worked in various technical fields such as robotics, sensors, and plastics injection, bringing significant experience from both the startup and corporate worlds.

    aviv.grinboim@manyone.com+972 54-447-1209
    Placeholder for loadingAviv Grinboim
  • Guy Haviv

    Partner, Design Director, Manyone TLV

    Guy heads the experience design team in Tel Aviv. A creative technologist, strategist and brand designer combined, Guy comes with a wealth of industry experience in building brands, experiences and products.

    guy.haviv@manyone.com+972 50 8818741
    Placeholder for loadingGuy Haviv

We are Manyone Tel Aviv

  • Afik Schreiber

    Afik Schreiber

    Industrial Designer

  • Amir Loval

    Amir Loval

    Industrial Designer

  • Asaf Banin

    Asaf Banin

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Aviv Grinboim

    Aviv Grinboim

    Partner, VP R&D, Manyone TLV

  • Bar Reznikov

    Bar Reznikov

    Industrial Designer

  • Boaz Zemer

    Boaz Zemer

    Partner, Design Director

  • Daniel Levy

    Daniel Levy

    Mechanical Engineer

  • David Keller

    David Keller

    Partner, Head of Manyone TLV

  • Eden Carmel

    Eden Carmel

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Eitan Galon

    Eitan Galon

    Mechanical Lead

  • Elad Yanay

    Elad Yanay

    Partner, COO, Manyone TLV

  • Eliz Biton

    Eliz Biton


  • Etay Amir

    Etay Amir

    Partner, Manyone TLV

  • Gabrielle Kadishzon

    Gabrielle Kadishzon

    Digital Designer

  • Gil Burstein

    Gil Burstein

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Guy Hayat Haviv

    Guy Hayat Haviv

    Partner, Design Director

  • Lior Navon

    Lior Navon

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Lital Daeizada

    Lital Daeizada

    Administrative Manager

  • Maayan Levi

    Maayan Levi

    Marketing & Partnership

  • Marion Bouvet

    Marion Bouvet

    Design Lead

  • Maya Cohen

    Maya Cohen

    Industrial Designer

  • Meital Frank

    Meital Frank

    HR Manager

  • Michal Kleiner

    Michal Kleiner

    Industrial Designer

  • Nathan Bern

    Nathan Bern

    Industrial Designer

  • Nir Ziv

    Nir Ziv

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Omer Yafe

    Omer Yafe

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Omri Bar Zeev

    Omri Bar Zeev

    Partner and Creative Director, Manyone TLV

  • Paul Zim

    Paul Zim

    Mechanical Lead

  • Rafi Muller Leigh

    Rafi Muller Leigh

    Mechanical Lead

  • Sasha Leikin

    Sasha Leikin

    Design Lead

  • Shimi Dvir

    Shimi Dvir

    Digital Designer

  • Shir Hechter

    Shir Hechter

    Design Lead

  • Tal Lindenfeld

    Tal Lindenfeld

    Digital Designer

  • Tom Sela

    Tom Sela

    Industrial Designer

  • Tomer Touviano

    Tomer Touviano

    Mechanical Lead

  • Uria Gamliel

    Uria Gamliel

    Industrial Designer

  • Yaki Shavit

    Yaki Shavit

    Head of Sales, Manyone TLV