Hello, it's 06:55 pm in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is Kgs. Nytorv, Amaliehaven, Christiania, Børsen, Amager, Rundetårn, Strøget, Valby, Vanløse, a lot of things with Frederik or Christian in it, Østerbro and of course Manyone.

Our head office in Copenhagen is located in one of the city’s most fascinating neighbourhoods. The land was bought and surveyed in 1852 by the brilliantly named Mozart Waagepetersen, and he initiated the development of Copenhagen’s first exclusively residential neighbourhood.

In the following decades, the neighbourhood has evolved to house businesses, light industries - a sausage maker and a dairy producer - the city switchboard central and a secret anti-communist intelligence unit.

Our office is located in a former boys-only school, and on the four floors that we occupy, you’ll find our creative technology lab, an industrial design workshop and roughly 65 designers and strategists.

Manyone CPH3 Manyone CPH3

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  • Jonas Smedegaard Buus

    Global Partner

    Cross-disciplinary designer and strategist, leading clients from concept to launch. Led projects for Danske Bank, Volkswagen, Schneider Electric, Telenor.

    jonas.buus@manyone.com +45 2490 8336
    Manyone jonas smedegaard buus Manyone jonas smedegaard buus
  • Sofie Holstein-Homann

    Global Partner (On parental leave)

    Helps businesses create and move towards aspirational visions for the future with a focus on insights and experimental business design. Led projects for Lloyds Bank, NTT, Samsung, Nordea, LEGO, Telenor.

    sofie.holstein-homann@manyone.com +45 2677 3447
    Manyone sofie holstein homann Manyone sofie holstein homann
  • Mads Gustafsen

    Executive Director, Partner

    Helps clients devise and execute digital strategies, broad experience from management consulting.

    mads.gustafsen@manyone.com +45 31640100
    Manyone mads gustafsen Manyone mads gustafsen
  • Jorge Hernandez

    Managing Director Molamil, Partner

    Expert creative technologist with large experience advising clients on how to be first-movers and engage deeper with their users through tech.

    jorge.hernandez@manyone.com +45 60196005
    Manyone jorge hernandez Manyone jorge hernandez
  • Rasmus Møller Sørensen

    Global Partner, Managing Operations

    Creative strategist and culture-builder, focusing on the competencies and processes that make business ideas come true. Led projects for Novo Nordisk, Radiometer, Oticon, Nykredit.

    rasmus.sorensen@manyone.com +45 26722211
    Manyone rasmus møller sørensen Manyone rasmus møller sørensen
  • Annelise Vedel Møller

    Global Partner

    Experienced client service director, helping companies create and execute digital strategies and new business models. Worked with clients like Copenhagen Airport, Grundfos, Telia, Nets and OKQ8 Scandinavia.

    annelise.vedel@manyone.com +45 3164 0119
    Manyone annelise vedel møller Manyone annelise vedel møller
  • David Fellah

    Co-CEO, Founder

    Seasoned design executive with a focus on building organisations that deliver world class experience design and human centred business. Co-founder and former CEO of Designit.

    david.fellah@manyone.com +45 28447110
    Manyone david fellah Manyone david fellah
  • Jens Martin Skibsted

    Global Partner, VP Foresight and Mobility

    World-renowned designer, entrepreneur and design philosopher, creating visionary design concepts within urban mobility. Member of World Economic Forum’s think tank on mobility.

    jm@manyone.com +45 28144918
    Manyone jens martin skibsted Manyone jens martin skibsted
  • Nanna Engberg


    UX strategist, guiding clients to solve business and organisational problems with design.

    nanna.engberg@manyone.com +45 31640106
    Manyone nanna engberg Manyone nanna engberg
  • Jon Lollike


    Seasoned account executive, overseeing client handling, operations, commercial negotiations and project execution.

    jon.lollike@manyone.com +45 31640104
    Manyone jon lollike Manyone jon lollike
  • Klaus Silberbauer


    Experienced manager, creative and strategic UX designer, guiding clients within concept development and digital strategy.

    klaus.silberbauer@manyone.com +45 31640101
    Manyone klaus silberbauer Manyone klaus silberbauer
  • Guillermo Callau


    Product strategist, guides projects from idea to production within the realms of mobility and industrial design. Worked with clients like Biomega, HAY, Veckia, and PSA Peugeot.

    guillermo.callau@manyone.com +45 28269600
    Manyone guillermo callau Manyone guillermo callau
  • Morten Johnstad-Møller


    Digitally focused executive and strategist, advising clients on digital strategies and creating business cases and feasibility analyses.

    morten.johnstad@manyone.com +45 31640103
    Manyone morten johnstad møller Manyone morten johnstad møller
  • Søren L. Poulsen

    Global Partner, M&A, Founder

    Executive with expertise in the scaling of businesses through growth and acquisitions.

    soren.poulsen@manyone.com +45 60900209
    Manyone søren poulsen Manyone søren poulsen
  • Toke Grøfte


    Strategic UX designer, guiding clients from inception to launch. Worked with Telia, Radisson Blu, Q8, Saxo Bank and YouSee.

    toke.grofte@manyone.com +45 26149019
    Manyone toke groefte Manyone toke groefte