Hello, it's 05:18 pm in Aarhus

Aarhus is years, double letters instead of Ås, sometimes translated to progress, rainbow panoramas, it's Moesgaard and it is also the Manyone.


Centrally placed in the heart of the city, our office in Aarhus is found in what in the 19th century was a carpenter’s workshop. This particular carpenter specialised in the construction of wooden barrels, and this is where the name “Bødker” comes from. It is derived from the Low German word “Bodik” which translates into a barrel. Up until the 1930s Bødkers were commonly found in coastal cities.

Today, Bødker Balles Gaard houses another type of specialists: Manyone’s team of strategists and designers.

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  • Lasse Jensby Dahl

    Co-CEO, Founder

    Advises clients in business transformation and strategy while heading up Manyone. Led projects for Telenor, LEGO, DiGi, Grundfos, Credit Suisse.

    lasse.dahl@manyone.com +45 26722986
    Manyone lasse jensby dahl Manyone lasse jensby dahl
  • Thomas Dolberg

    Global Partner

    Helps clients create compelling business concepts and models with a focus on strategizing and process facilitation. Led projects for Vestas, Arla, Telenor, Solar.

    thomas.dolberg@manyone.com +45 42725911
    Manyone thomas dolberg Manyone thomas dolberg
  • Hans-Henrik Sørensen

    Global Partner

    Digital, product and tech savvy design executive, engaged in account direction and solutions management. Led projects for NTT, AUDI, 1MORE, Danske Bank

    hans-henrik.sorensen@manyone.com +45 26722215
    New Hans Henrik Sørensen Manyone New Hans Henrik Sørensen Manyone