Your market needs anything but the usual

Markets and technologies move fast, eco-systems overlap and most learnings from the past are no longer valid. This is fundamentally changing business dynamics and the way consultancies support businesses. All we can see is potential. Manyone is designed for that.

Manyoneoffice Manyoneoffice

To solve the challenges at hand and maximise opportunity, the world needs new ways of thinking, creating and collaborating that connect and organise people, and technologies. That’s why we’ve built a new type of consultancy. One tailored to the world at large, the speed of this era, and to the changing needs of businesses.

Adaptive and independent

Manyone was created to be an adaptive consultancy that brings the right talent to the right challenge. To help our clients keep up with the accelerating changing demands of the world around us. We're independent and a hybrid team of teams.

Leading strategic change

We lead strategic change by execution and create the right solution for any business context. We do that by understanding the constantly evolving world around us, and adapting how we design and build our clients’ products, services and organisations. We work with experimental and validated approaches that demonstrate potential value and strategic opportunities for our clients. To help businesses do this, we’ve ensured that our skill-set is much more than strictly strategic design, but one where we can adapt and field the best team that brings the right skills needed for any particular challenge. In short, fewer slideshows and reports, more proofs-of-concept at speed.

Strategy-design hybrid

That’s why we call it a strategy-design hybrid and we are the first consultancy of its kind. We're building a platform where the best specialists and teams work under the same brand and vision. A brand that is independent of corporate constraints and able to adapt at speed to the challenges at hand. Hybrid because our team of teams structure is shaped to set the best cross-disciplinary team for the task at hand. This approach enables us to lead strategic change for businesses on a global scale: through design execution and experimental approaches, creating user-validated and sustainable value for our clients.

  • Products & Services
    • Experience strategy
    • Service design
    • Industrial Design
    • Design research
    • Ecosystem and portfolio strategy
    • UX and digital design
  • Next Generation Branding
    • Purpose and narrative
    • Brand strategy
    • Communication platform
    • Visual identity
    • Content strategy and marketing
  • Creative technology
    • Prototyping
    • Extended reality
    • Data visualisation
    • Creative programming
    • E-learning
    • Digital / Physical