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Singapore is the Little Red Dot, it is Laksa, it is lush greenery in, wrapped around and on top of buildings. It is Malay and Hokkien combined to spell kopitiam or coffee shop. It is Singlish, la and, of course, Manyone.

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Our presence in Singapore, the international hub for innovation in technology and services, is driven by increased demand for strategy-design – especially in the realms of mobility and cities innovation.

It doesn’t stop there. Singapore has a Design Masterplan in place for the nation. This means design is an active part of every aspect of business and personal life here: Education, healthcare, business, ecology and far beyond.

Come see us. Our studio is situated in the National Design Centre.

PDPA Compliance.

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  • Jaan Orvet

    Partner Manyone Asia

    Human-centred design strategist solving real-world problems and building better services, spaces and creative teams. Translates societal shifts and movements into actionable insights. He has worked with clients such as M by Volvo Car Mobility, YLE and BMW.

    jaan.orvet@manyone.com+46 709721873
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We are Manyone Singapore

  • Erfi Azhar

    Erfi Azhar

    Senior Designer

  • Jaan Orvet

    Jaan Orvet


  • Jarrett Yeap

    Jarrett Yeap

    Technical Lead