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Rotterdam used to be the city people would skip on a visit to The Netherlands. Today - however, it is a city with one of the most versatile cultural and creative scenes in Western Europe, and its industrial heart the Port of Rotterdam and surrounding eco-system is unrivalled in the world.

Be it art, architecture or gastronomy, Rotterdam has been - and is, reinventing itself as a front-running city eco-system; the ambition to be a circular city by 2030 underlines its foresight and determination in doing so.

As an illustration of this mindset - and our choice to locate here - is the city motto; through struggle, stronger - an apt motto for a city that has rebuilt itself from the last world war and today, finds itself leading social and economic developments in The Netherlands, and from there into the European heartland.

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  • Lennard Hulsbos

    Managing Director NL and Partner

    Global design executive focusing on next-generation design development; helping to build a sustainable socio-economic paradigm for future living, today. Led projects for Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, YNAP, Circle Economy, Uber.

    lennard.hulsbos@manyone.com +45 7174 2830
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