Digital transformation is having a big impact on healthcare

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably from the healthcare industry, and keen to find out what can be done differently to work even better with the business and strategy opportunities out there. You've come to the right place. Our partner team's extensive experience from the healthcare industry is unique and we create industry-leading experiences and strategies that help companies successfully navigate an increasingly complex and fast world.

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On this page, we share some thoughts and insights about the changing landscape that the healthcare companies must navigate today. You can take a deep dive into those thoughts by downloading our white paper 'Shaping the future of healthcare', or familiarise yourself with the global currents changing the industry by scrolling down or clicking on the navigation bar.

You can also listen to our podcast 'Everything that's next in Pharma', where our Global Strategy Director for Healthcare speaks with Novo Nordisk's Executive Vice President for Commercial Strategy and Corporate Affairs about how a leading global healthcare company is adapting to the new challenges and opportunities that are shaping the industry. Finally, you can browse a selection of our healthcare-related work.

But every organisation has a unique set of needs. So once you’re done looking around, feel free to get in touch, and together we'll drive change.

Shaping the future of healthcare – a white paper

In this position paper, you’ll find insights, cases and currents that will help facilitate important discussions for any healthcare company: How to successfully navigate an increasingly complex world. A world where businesses must proactively engage and adapt to secure short and long-term competitiveness. Download the paper by clicking the button below. Should you need help or have questions - you're welcome to reach out.

Podcast: Everything that's next in pharma

In our podcast 'Everything that's next' we invite an industry leader to discuss what's next in business, design and strategy with one of our experts.

In this episode, we focus on the pharma industry. With our guest, Novo Nordisk's Camilla Sylvest, we discuss how the industry is faring with digital transformation, how COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst to fast-forward a much needed transformation, and also on how sustainability is becoming an inherent component for any business today - spurring them to take action and solve societal and environmental challenges.

Listen by clicking below or searching for 'Everything that's next' on your preferred podcast platform.

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"In recent years we've been very focused on partnerships, realizing that we might be good at some things, but not at everything. And so if we partner up with other capabilities, then it is a win-win."
Camilla Sylvest, Executive VP at Novo Nordisk Quote from the podcast 'Everything that's next in pharma'.
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Game-changing currents

In a fast-paced global landscape, every project and business must consider the global dynamics of change. We've highlighted four major currents that are specifically impacting the healthcare industry. Informed by these, while exploring the commercial and strategic potential of creative technologies and services, healthcare companies can find new ways to create experiences that bring the customer closer to the company.

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Beyond purpose

Societal and environmental changes are pushing companies in the healthcare industry to position themselves - and to timely act on matters beyond their core product and service focus. Purpose creates trust in a world where trust is challenged like never before.

Companies in the healthcare industry need to stand strong behind their purpose and demonstrate – by voice and action – a sincere intent to help solve societal and environmental challenges. Doing good for people, planet and nature is good for business!

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Technologies of tomorrow

New technologies and digital tools for communication are increasingly becoming an integral part of any company, and these are shaping strategies, along with business and customer experience in new meaningful ways. In the healthcare industry, new technologies offer the potential for direct improvements on products leading to better compliance and potential outcomes. Further, behavioural data, when handled according to ethical and legal standards, provides fruitful insights into behaviour and preferences that can be used for product innovation and more individualised communication to healthcare professionals and patients.

Compared to other sectors, many companies in the healthcare industry are simply lagging on digital transformation. But COVID-19 has now enforced a gigantic leap forward on their digital journey. Keep it up!

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Patient empowerment

Patients demand to be truly empowered. They educate themselves on-line at all stages of their disease, discuss their conditions and medications with peers on social media and expect the best treatments. They challenge their doctor and expect an individualised approach at all times. Although the healthcare professional remains an important and direct customer for many pharma and med-tech companies patient empowerment is becoming more and more important.

Throughout the industry, the full patient journey needs to be understood and leveraged to ensure meaningful interactions with patients - while overcoming legal and regulatory barriers. A strong patient focus is needed to secure patient engagement, advocacy and improve treatment adherence.

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Ecosystem excellence

To be successful it is no longer sufficient to measure against ‘best-in-industry’ and rely solely on in-house developments and initiatives. New partnerships and closely-knit ecosystems offer new opportunities. Adapting to new ways of working and engaging in new constellations give a competitive edge today and tomorrow.
For the industry, this means working closer with important players, not necessarily native to the industry; to optimise customer reach and engagement.

Transformation is needed to obtain a sufficient level of agility for new ways of doing business. Acknowledged, it can be difficult to strike the perfect balance between ‘organisational agility’ on the one hand - and ‘long development lead-times and robust processes’ on the other. And this is where management must lead the way!