Transforming to service the future

In one of the largest transformation projects in Vestas' recent history, we’ve supported them with design and strategy to implement new ways of working across their service division.

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Numbering 25 thousand employees, Vestas is a global leader in the production and service of wind turbines. Set to transform their entire service division, which numbers 14 thousand employees worldwide, the scale of transformation called for seamless design and clear communication across numerous global offices.

With a two year deadline to implement change across the organisation, Manyone joined Vestas to collaborate on a strategy-design process to build awareness, share knowledge and empower change at every level.

The strategic process involved interviews to gather insights from key personnel in 14 different global locations, which were then used in the development of a new core narrative. It was seconded by a seamless onboarding experience comprised by the design of experience drivers, new virtual communities of practice and a clear communication strategy. Additionally, we created a visual concept, website design and onboarding kit to ensure recognisability for a wholesome employee experience spanning both digital and physical assets.

With the sheer scale of the transformation, it was an integral part of the project to deliver engaging visual assets inspired by Vestas’ people and brand values. As such, each asset was specifically designed to accompany the employee at every step of their journey towards a new way of working.