In modern day adventuring, having the right gear is almost as important as the adventure itself. With COMBAR, a unique 5-in-1 multi tool, nature lovers and survivalists are served with a hammer, folding axe, spade, knife, and saw combined in one lightweight tool.

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Designed for rapid activation and safe use the COMBAR’s modular design makes it hassle free to apply for its different uses, while it can be simply and safely tucked away for transport.

The COMBAR is workmanship of the highest quality using only premium materials such as titanium, stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum and glass reinforced nylon for the tool.

The COMBAR is developed and designed for Aclim8. A group of nature and survival enthusiasts on a mission to create the perfect tools for any outdoor adventure.

After a thorough period of prototyping and testing, the COMBAR was launched as a pre-order Kickstarter campaign in 2018. With sales reaching $250k by the shipment date in 2019, nature enthusiasts across the world are bringing a COMBAR on their next adventure.