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Customer as designer — creating their own omnichannel experience

The telco industry is reinventing itself one block at a time. It could historically be defined as an industry with a simple focus on providing a signal to connect two users, but today we see entire ecosystems evolving out of multiple user platforms.

Telcos need to provide services that makes sense for each, vastly different individual, their network, and personal usage patterns. How better to build that kind of customisation than to give the remote back to the customer? That’s exactly what Telia did by rebuilding its digital self-service experience from the ground up.

Greeted by increasing customer expectations of a fluid experience, Telia wanted to strengthen the relationship with their customers by addressing this need. We saw the opportunity to build a platform where users could, with a flick of a switch, interact with all of the different services and channels.

By giving power back to the customer, Telia also reduced its cost-to-serve and streamlined the process of going from manual customer service to a digital experience solution. To achieve this level of transformation, a new type of mindset needed to be encouraged throughout the organisation, which in turn made it possible to work in an agile manner, accelerate time to market, and to serve the ever-changing needs of the modern user.

Telia handed full control and flexibility over to its +1mio BtC and BtB customers through a new digital transformation program. We helped them create a seamless, meaningful user experience across platforms by rebuilding each touchpoint from the ground up.

The platform consists of two interwoven touchpoints: a Customer Relation Management system, and a customisable self-service app that connects all digital platforms —and makes the solution both personal and private. It’s the control center on every telco customer’s wishlist : All of their services, in one accessible place.

A new way of working

Within Telia, there was a desire for the Mit Telia project to not only disrupt and transform the customer experience, but also the way Telia approaches innovation, design and development.

To further foster this change, the Mit Telia team was housed outside of the main offices. UX designers, visual designers and front-end developers from Manyone worked with everyone from the entire C-level team, project managers and developers from Telia on the dedicated premises.