New digital presence

The telco industry is reinventing itself one block at a time.

Customer expectations to the modern telcos are growing. They expect their service providers to deliver a growing number of services and experience. To stay ahead, Telia wanted us to help them tailor their digital services and interface, so they made sense for every individual user. With each user having vastly different needs and usage patterns, and with these constantly evolving, we suggested something different: To enable the user to design what they need.

We enabled this by building a platform where users could, with the flick of a switch, interact seamlessly with all of the different services and channels available to them.

To foster their digital transformation, we helped them create a seamless, meaningful user experience across their platforms. Part of this was rebuilding each touchpoint so that Telia could give their +1mio BtC and BtB customers more control and flexibility.

Key features

→ A new approach to self-service
→ Branded ecosystem experience
→ Improved user choice experience
→ Integrated choice of extended services


→ Digital Strategy
→ Information Architecture
→ UI
→ UX