Silky smooth customer self service

Every day, thousands of commuters across Europe use the BroBizz payment service to pay bridge or road tolls, to board ferries, or to park at airports. We made it easier for them.

To ensure a seamless experience for their customers, BroBizz tasked us to create a companion app that easily could answer any questions the customers might have. To deliver the best possible product, we worked on-site with BroBizz in an agile environment focusing on continuous improvements at each design sprint.

The outcome was the delivery and implementation of the new BroBizz companion app. It came with a redesigned simplified and intuitive login flow, real-time updates to the user about whether their device was still active, and whether their payment details were up to date. Adding to this, each user gained access to a clear usage overview, enabling easy tracking of payment and trips, with the added functionality of multiple user breakdowns. Finally, the companion app features a clear overview of where the BroBizz payment device can be used.

The work signifies an important part of Brobizz' digital transformation. Since rollout, resources spent on customer service by BroBizz has dropped by almost fifty per cent.