Setting new standards for a seamless customer experience strategy

Customer-centric transformation through strategy and design: Manage Centre - a next-generation customer management portal that puts clients in control of their IT business operations.

With the strategic objective of transforming the company from a technology-centric to a client-centric service provider, Dimension Data, a global leader on digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud solutions, cybersecurity and workspace integration - engaged us in a strategy-design partnership.

The first mission was to re-imagine their core customer experience into a unified and seamless platform, which provided clients with a window into the health and performance of their technology from both a technical and business perspective. This underpinned Dimension Data’s focus to drive technology adaptation and consumption, boosted by analytics and insight capabilities that help clients optimise their digital environments.

From a business perspective the platform needed to streamline operations and business processes and ultimately retain and gain clients. Dimension Data was servicing its customer needs through 8 disparate systems, which created a challenging environment to effectively assess and manage the health of the client’s end-to-end IT business. This provided a challenging foundation for their strategic objective to serve customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

To deliver on this, we engaged with Dimension Data’s global teams for a holistic service and UX design process to empower a transformational shift in the organisation: To become a customer-centric organisation while also cementing their position as an IT market leader.

The solution

With the direction set, a new customer management platform was created. It provided a unified and seamless delivery of support and premium services while having the flexibility to further incorporate service tiers such as Dimension Data's managed and enterprise services.

The portal meets clients’ demand for higher value from their services instead of a traditional ‘break-fix’ support. Clients are now able to identify the business outcomes derived from their technology and the impact of technology health on their business operations.

The design approach and subsequent success of the portal generated a cultural shift within Dimension Data. As a traditional IT-centric company, it was Dimension Data’s first attempt to follow a best practice User Experience design methodology and apply a more agile approach.

Together with Dimension Data’s global stakeholders, we co-created a vision and workable prototype solution based on internal and external user research evidence. With our approach to lead strategy by execution, we established clear objectives and detailed business requirements. Combining this with our UX design methodology, Dimension Data was able to validate, build and launch the new portal in just 3 months – a total of 6 months faster than average development cycles.

Manage Centre was designed as a window into our clients’ technology environments. But it has equally become a window into the way we design, develop, and deliver services as a company. It has shifted our focus from technology-centric to client-centric design and has directly influenced the way we develop new services. We now see more relevant solutions being developed in a significantly reduced time to market as we apply our learnings from the Manage Centre project.
Sean Greaves Service Design Director, Manage Centre Portal at Dimension Data

Products, services and strategy:

  • Co-creation workshops with international project stakeholders from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and the US.

  • Broad audience collaboration including sales, IT managers, business unit managers, business analysts, and application owners to create personas, concept maps, user scenarios, design principles, and KPIs.

  • Direct interviews with clients and internal stakeholders to understand the type of information that was important to them, and the type of experience they desired for consuming technical information.

  • Wireframes, rapid prototyping, user interface design and build documentation to incorporate UX design as an integral part of the development process.

  • Global user testing to validate client and stakeholder success and a MVP roadmap.

  • A four-week proof-of-concept build to test feasibility.

After the full integration of Dimension Data into NTT in 2019, the customer experience strategy remains a company-wide core asset in their continued work to improve client loyalty by transforming and simplifying the customer experience.

The work was awarded a DBA – Design Effectiveness Award, for its documented impact:

  • 307 % growth in data service clients (target 150 %)

  • 515 % growth in service revenue (target 350 %)

  • 579 % increase in client online engagement

  • Increase in user adoption and drop in user queries.