Purpose-driven mass workshopping

At the 2019 Techfestival, we were tasked to gather 100 leading thinkers and practitioners of urban mobility and have them spend a day discussing and defining the ideal commute.

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To ensure that everyone had the possibility of sharing their ideas and voicing their opinion throughout the summit, we developed a specific workshop format for the event. Nicknamed the “table-cloth-powered” approach, our aim was to ensure that every input from the day was gathered, stored and available to be processed once the day was done.

Instead of relying on post-its and whiteboards we created twelve table cloths and assigned 8 participants to each table. The cloth was divided into 5 areas - one for each of the five sessions prepared for the day - and in these designated areas, the participants could illustrate and write their input. To ensure ownership and participation each group had four roles to assign - an illustrator, a writer, a timekeeper and a presenter, with each person responsible for taken care of the described role during the day.

At the end of the day, we could easily collect the inputs and after the summit, process them and share the final outcome with the participants.

Five principles that define the ideal commute.