Medical. Modular. Multi-procedural. The first-ever single-use endoscopic platform

In partnership with Zsquare, we’ve created the first-ever modular single-use endoscopic platform. Based on a reusable imaging core, single-use modular components can seamlessly be attached for the appropriate procedure, yielding industry-leading imagery without compromising on functionality.

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The Zsquare modular platform allows using the same imaging core, the reusable part, with different single-use parts for many types of procedures with added functionality and enhanced performance. Starting from a single square fibre, Zsquare endoscopes are transformed by expanding the number of clustered fibres into a powerful range of products. As more fibres are assembled, different medical indications can be addressed, with added functionality and enhanced performance.

Zsquare’s unique technology dramatically reduces an optical component’s diameter while still improving image quality to achieve never before seen visualisations from medical procedures. Their patented fibre technology is a disruptive breakthrough in the world of miniaturizing visual fibre-optics, enabling an ultra-thin, high resolution, extremely flexible, single-use endoscopic platform.

The modular approach using single-use endoscope components, greatly reduces the risks of cross-contamination known from poorly sterilised reusable endoscopes. Additionally, the advances in endoscopic diagnostic technologies with the single-use Zsquare medical endoscope also democratises patient care, outcomes and hospital efficiency with its affordability and flexibility.