Universal sign language for Hoplun

With factories in different countries and workers speaking several different languages, how does one ensure clear communication at all levels?

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As a last-mile approach to branding, undergarment manufacturer Hop Lun took the opportunity to turn an overhaul of factory signage into a brand exercise, and a way to create visual coherence between production facilities in several different countries.

With facilities across southern Asia and China, the signage had to work in all locations, across languages and cultures. Adding to that, a majority of the workers have little or no reading skills, so an inclusive approach was an absolute necessity.

Our solution was the creation of the Hoppy character, who is present on many of the signs. Hoppy has a subtle playfulness and lends a unique character even to regulated signs. The colours and fonts were carefully selected to comply with regulations while still maintaining brand integrity. The final delivery consisted of visual guideline as well as production underlays for the initial batch of around 100 signs.