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Hearing aids as lifestyle devices

The internet landscape is burgeoning. It’s not just about smartphones, laptops and tablets anymore. A multitude of devices are now internet-connected. The list of “smart” devices includes washing machines, door locks, and hearing aids.

Launching the premium hearing aid LiNX 2, ReSound had an urgent need for a global web strategy and a redesign of all websites.

Once being a purely B2B player, the complex three tier supply chain of hearing aids are changing, and the consumer pull is becoming increasingly more important. The end users are becoming very ware of the brand of their hearing aid – even in regulated markets as Denmark, and the need to connect the brand directly to end users all over and the message of new, technologically advanced products, was the primary driver behind the global web redesign. Also, it was necessary to integrate product launch campaigns into the corporate website itself to tap into the synergy of SEO of a large .com site, instead of building each campaign from the ground up.

We enabled the international potential by creating a smooth, clean, and global platform with the emphasis on making a complex product portfolio easy to understand while providing clear call to actions.

The platform made it possible for hearing aid users to find the most relevant hearing aids and understand the different form factors. We softened up the very technical messaging and presented the hearing aids as lifestyle products more than just medical devices. The design and implementation was made highly modular to cater to different markets, account for variation in the marketing bandwidths of different opcos, and to provide market-specific call to actions to match the individual opco’s need for lead generation.