The GN Experience Center goes digital

A sound driven experience where physical and digital inputs meet.

The Experience Centre at the newly built GN’s headquarters was created to let visitors feel the potential and possibilities of GN's intelligent audio solutions. Our role was to enhance that experience.

With an advanced positional tracking system developed and installed and a fully customised Jabra headset with added sensors, business travellers visiting GN's Experience Centre would get an unforgettable brand experience.

The sound of Copenhagen

By digitally recreating the soundscape of an iconic landmark of Copenhagen, Kongens Nytorv, visiting business travellers get a digital appetiser of Copenhagen and the sound of the city. The installation supports several simultaneous visitors who each get an individual audio experience matching their position in the virtually recreated Copenhagen square.

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Innovation straight from our lab

To create the desired experience, we experimented with several tracking sensors, 3D printed headset cases, controllers and more. Getting wiser, one step at a time. With continuous iterations, we tested and refined until we built a durable, light, and precise case for the fully customised Jabra headset that accompanies the experience.