Performance-enhancing customer experiences for Europcar

For the past eight years, we’ve helped Europcar create better customer experiences, adapt to new ways of working, and to explore new opportunities shaped by creative technologies.

The work with Europcar has centred on shaping new customer experience across multi-channel country and global e-commerce services, boosting the performance of their digital marketing communications, creating an evidence business case for AI-powered voice assistants and co-shaping a vision of the future of mobility.

Fully powered booking and service propositions
As a car rental provider, the overall booking experience for Europcar is a key asset. In the European car rental market, loyalty is shaped by great customer experiences. As customers become more connected, more informed and more willing to switch brands, they prefer brands that offer smarter routes to the right rental options and service.

To help Europcar stay ahead and meet shifting customer demands, we completely redesigned the customer journeys for country and global services including ‘Prestige Cars’, ‘Vans’, ‘Selection’, and subsidiary brands such as Interrent, to ensure that Europcar would be the preferred customer choice.

Engaging in market and customer research, we highlighted vital opportunities to improve the e-commerce experience - from simplifying the presentation of car categories and product descriptions to make benefits more visible at a glance, to streamline the booking process to dramatically speed up the process of finding and booking the right cars or vans.

Extensive user testing confirmed the effectiveness of the redesign, proving return on investment early on. The redesign clarified the country and global service propositions and increased booking revenue across digital channels.

AI-powered virtual travel assistant

In the past decade travel and mobility brands have invested heavily in digital and mobile experiences that reduce friction and let customers use services on their own terms, wherever they are. The explosion in recent years of mobile devices, especially powerful smartphones and cloud-based computing, has resulted in new user expectations and needs.

Europcar needed to respond to these increased expectations and be available within any related context of need - whether it is up-to-the-minute travel information or making planning easier through instant communications. Customers have the growing desire for ubiquitous availability to support their everyday needs.

Europcar wanted to explore if such voice-enabled devices could provide the company with a new front door to the customer, as AI-powered virtual assistants are increasingly becoming synonymous with the customer service experience.

We were tasked with creating an evidenced business case to explore the relevance of AI-powered virtual assistants to provide 24 hour assisted services and automated help. We conducted market research and in close collaboration with the client stakeholders, co-developed user journeys, use cases, proto-personas, a conversation style and voice dialogue to help prioritise the business case focus.

The voice research and prototype helped validate investment into the rapidly emerging AI-powered virtual assistant space.

Exploring the future of mobility
Europcar’s innovation lab asked us to facilitate a highly collaborative design sprint in their Paris office to help integrate rapid design processes into their innovation lab.

The innovation labs’ remit is to conceive and validate future-ready hypothesis and concepts to help focus on solving real-world mobility, transportation and logistics problems.

The Design Sprint focused on answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers on the broad subject of Mobility, with the mission to create an inclusive, financially viable, and empowering service that offers autonomy, security, and confidence to people with reduced mobility, and people that support them.

The team were successful in creating three distinct solutions that tackled different areas of the topic of mobility.

Boosting and optimising digital marketing communications
A part of the transformation was also to redesign Europcar's monthly newsletter emails and partner marketing. This dramatically increased the effectiveness of this key marketing device. Shortly after launch, the redesigned email newsletter smashed records for Europcar’s customer emails with:

  • 32% more emails opened

  • 220% more orders placed

  • 288% more revenue produced