Breaking taboos: Physical and mental empowerment for post-pregnancy recovery in a connected ecosystem

We helped Gynie create an industry-leading user experience to help women strengthen their core muscles and well-being when recovering mentally and physically from a pregnancy.

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Combining user-friendly industrial design and personal empowerment, we’ve worked closely with Gynie to create an industry-leading product that helps women train their pelvic floor. The Gynie trains the PC (PuboCoccygeus) muscle, the most versatile muscle in the human body. Gynie is specifically designed to target and strengthen this muscle, using progressive weight resistance and a range of motion inside the body. Using a tailored weight resistance system and a connected digital interface, the product uses aspects of gamification for empowerment, allowing users to monitor progress and adapt training according to their level.

Through an iterative process of rapid prototyping, an elegant spring load system with a simple construction was developed, allowing users to easily change resistance as they improve their core strength. The replaceable and recycle materials comply with FDA regulations, while also being stylish and welcoming in appearance.

California State Polytechnic University surveyed 800 women from greater metropolitan areas across the United States of America, and highlighted the following positive experiences:

  • 92 % experienced that using Gynie resulted in greater core strength

  • 97 % felt more positive about themselves as a result of feeling strong on the inside

  • 89 % felt their happiness and body confidence grow