A patient-first pharmaceutical transformation

Combining user experience and strategy to build an integrated patient-centric vision for Brazil’s leading pharmaceutical retailer Raia Drogasil.

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Over half of Brazil’s adult population suffers from at least one chronic condition, and every person has unique needs and ways of coping with their condition. As one of the largest pharmaceutical chains in Brazil, counting 2100 active pharmacies in 23 states, Raia Drogasil, are on a mission to go above and beyond to fully embrace an ambitious goal to help people live healthier lives.

To better understand the specific needs of people living with chronic conditions, Raia Drogasil tasked Manyone SAO to support with a broad exploration and insights programme, aiming to unearth both short and long-term solutions that would act as the building blocks for a new and improved health ecosystem.

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Patient-driven insights

Chronic conditions are one of the biggest global health problems. A chronic condition is often a contributing factor to premature deaths and decreased quality of life – add the growing treatment costs for both society and the health industry, and there is a lot of value to be found in helping people live healthier lives and avoid chronic diseases.

We initiated the project by conducting an in-depth investigation of the challenges and needs of patients with chronic conditions. To secure the best possible data, we narrowed the scope of the interviewees to those dealing with depression, diabetes, and hypertension – which are the most common chronic conditions in Brazil.

Geographically, we conducted our ethnographic research in three different regional capitals. We interviewed a large number of people in their own homes, allowing us to take a closer look at how their situation was impacting their daily routines.

Afterwards, we invited selected patients to join focus groups so they could share their experiences with our research and strategy team. In these sessions, we listened and learned how each one of them emotionally connected with their diagnosis and corresponding treatment – how they deal with their difficulties, and how their personal needs and health was shaped by this.

The main point of the project was the respectful, humane, and strategic approach we had for chronic conditions. To get into people’s lives and truly understand how they relate to it. It changed our mindset so that we could propose how people and institutions can humanise treatment.
Livia Germano Researcher and strategist, Manyone SAO

A significant finding was how to improve the interaction between the patient and the pharmacy. This was a key takeaway in our delivery to Raia Drogasil, that the pharmacy could be transformed into a health hub with the entire surrounding experience focused on the patient’s well-being. Together with Raia Drogasil, we then engaged in sprint sessions focused on creating new innovative concepts and prototypes for the improved health experience.

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From transactions to relations

For Raia Drogasil, the project changed several internal business paradigms and ushered in a new customer-centric perspective: that instead of being a transactional partner for their customers, they needed to build stronger relationships with them. From being a pharmaceutical retailer to becoming a diversified and relationship-driven actor in the healthcare market.

The most important part of this project had to do with how we looked at the client. Approaching the customer in a different way has brought an important culture change for us, which is now reflected in all the initiatives that are taking place now.
Kelly Cristina Melo Customer Experience Manager, Raia Drogasil