Manyone expands to the Americas. Joined by Questtonó we're now in São Paulo and New York.

From Singapore and Hong Kong through Europe to new offices in São Paulo and New York, we’re now 185+ thinkers, creatives, designers and strategists.

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Widely considered to be South America's finest strategic design firm, we're happy to welcome Questtonó as a part of Manyone. Started in São Paolo 28 years ago, and with an office in New York, the award-winning company brings a wealth of skills, experience and creativity to our global teams. Their recent clients include ABI/Ambev, Magic Leap, Ford, and Panasonic and the two Questtonó teams are already integrating fully into Manyone’s strategy-design offering.

The versatility, drive and professionalism of the Questtonó teams and management will be a vital part in driving Manyone's ambition of achieving the strength of size while keeping the agility and creativity of small. All to drive real and meaningful impact on a global scale.

Read more at Questtonó.com.