Designing the urban freight systems of the future

The pandemic has brought into focus the need to rethink how cargo and freight move around and through our cities

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Improved infrastructure, better public/private collaboration and technology all have roles to play in long-term mobility solutions.

While cargo and freight deliveries already form a substantial part of the mobility landscape, the industry is still growing – and it might grow more than expected, as we don’t have forecasts that include the effects of the global pandemic. How will our habits change in the near future? Will we go out less, and rely increasingly on deliveries instead?

Creating long-term systemic solutions for urban freight was already an issue before the pandemic, and it hasn’t gone away. It has only raised more questions - but these are questions that and short and medium-term design improvements can help answer.

Jens Martin Skibsted explains these thoughts along with several design ideas to the World Economic Forum. Read them here.