Fast change led by execution

We lead strategic change by execution. Ever-increasing speed, shifting user-values, expanding and overlapping ecosystems, all resulting in an urgent need for adaptive solutions. Design is more experimental than ever, but also more precise, lean, and executed at a higher pace. It must have built-in validation and scalability to ensure relevance for the organisation and drive meaning and value for all stakeholders.

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The Manyone framework

Manyone delivers game-changing new products and services, supported by adaptive branding and world-class proof-of-concept validation as a part of our Strategy led by Execution approach. Our processes are designed to empower corporate exploration, support organisational change along with strong go to market strategies.

The Manyone approach

Our approach is shaped by four pillars that establish the foundation for the strategies that your business needs to move forward. They address the core of any organisation's opportunities with strategic and experimental value in the same flow. Your future needs anything but the usual.

Actionable visions

By looking into the future, we identify signals of change, create aspirational visions, and define future scenarios.

  • Let’s shape your vision together
    • Scouting and opportunity forecasting
    • Experimental business modelling
    • Business re-imagination
    • Adaptive roadmapping
    • Experience vision

Growing capabilities

We empower and help shape businesses in order to foster adaptability, improve ways of working, and to ensure successful transformation.

  • How we can empower your business
    • Education modules
    • Innovation Management
    • Building of design capabilities and studios
    • Change Management
    • New Ways of Working

Adaptable solutions

We build and manage novel ecosystems and business transformation programmes across industries and for new partnerships.

  • Solutions that will help your transformation
    • Ecosystem design
    • Platform and portfolio design
    • Prototyping
    • Programme management
    • Business transformation programmes
    • Proof of concept

Tangible touchpoints

We experiment and validate in order to design and launch digital and physical products, services and everything in between.

  • Delivering tangible results
    • Prototyping
    • World-class design execution
    • Proof of concept
    • Feedback loops and validated learnings