The Worldview Design Principle.
Building a collective intuition

Making headway in an increasingly complex world requires a new breed of strategic design. Manyone brings together many capabilities and inputs to create one project worldview and build a team collective intuition that removes blindspots and sets direction. This allows you to deliver with unprecedented speed, agility, and precision.

The Worldview Design Principle

Shaping the future requires working in a radically new way. Solutions that once took months or years to develop are now prototyped, adapted, and brought to market faster—sometimes in a matter of weeks. At the same time, long-term challenges like climate change, pandemics, market shifts, and attention to ethics change the world on a global scale.

To make headway in such complexity, designers need to become strategists and strategists need to become designers. When those capabilities work in concert, it builds a shared worldview, a collective intuition, that allows teams to move with remarkable agility, speed, and precision.

The Worldview Design Principle helps teams align on an opportunity, determine a common point of departure, and know, almost by intuition, what direction to go when navigating the unknown. This approach creates the kind of conviction you find in successful entrepreneurs.

We believe that building this collective intuition gets you to market at an unprecedented speed. Together, we can adapt quickly and design for real markets and real people.

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New business opportunities


Market shifts

Emerging tech

Social drivers and ethics

Management trends


Future customer expectations

Ecosystems and partners


User testing




Build the team

Assemble a collaborative client-consultant team. A full horizon team encompassing a wide array of disciplines, capabilities and perspectives.

Establish a worldview

The teams gather hands-on and strategic insights throughout the project, metabolising a broad set of drivers and inputs that validate the work.

Adaptive design

Design, develop, prototype and test draft concepts and design input to inform the team’s worldview. Then ship.

Sprint with conviction

The inputs are used to build the team’s collective intuition. The shared intuition will quickly surface opportunities and eliminate blind spots. It builds conviction, accelerates the pace of work, and increases the precision of output.

Ship continuously

The input-output process doesn’t end. Each adaptation, in turn, expands the team’s Worldview, creating a virtuous feedback loop and actual deliverables.

The Worldview Design Principle is a new way of thinking.

Manyone was built from the ground up to work with the Worldview Design Principle. To be cross-disciplinary, insights-driven, always centred around proof of concept work and validation. This and our global team of teams foundation allows us to way to make sure everybody involved in a project gets on the same page, has the same agenda, knows the same things, agrees to the same data, looks in the same direction and moves fast forward with conviction.

The Worldview Design Principles builds teams that know where to go and how to get there.